Day 19: San Gimignano

Girls day!

We left the boys with the kids today and all the ladies went to the spa. It was definitely a different experience than the North American experience. Much more laid back. No one worried about time. Everyone worried about whether you were relaxed and enjoying yourself. Also way less talking and explanations about how to spend your time.

We all started with the wellness path which is very European. It's a warm, hot, and cold cycle. Alicia was the bravest to try the cold water bucket dunk first. After we "cycled" ourselves out and had rested sufficiently, we all had massages. It was a really nice morning.

After lunch we were ready for a swim. We managed to get everyone together for a group jump. The waves that created! Sorry no pics!

The kids made a carnival game with the swimming floaters and had a blast trying to not fall into the water. They can be so imaginative sometimes.

We decided we had been at our local restaurant too many times for dinner so we wanted to try something new. Everything is close but still a 45min drive away with all the hills and vineyards etc. It means a DD every night though. In wine country.

Tonight we explored San Gimignano. What a sight at sunset. So beautiful. I would definitely want to come back and explore this area.

The local history is that two rival families tried to build the largest tower. The ruling family had a law that you couldn't build higher than theirs but the other family built two exactly that height. Eventually the other towers got knocked down and the rival family had to wear black for a year and lost all regal status. At its peak there were 70 towers there.

There are a few lovely piazzas in the area as well. One with a great wishing well and sloped area that the kids had a ball playing near. The Piazza Cisterna also has the best gelateria. You should see the lines. They are constant.

We had dinner at a lovely little cellar restaurant, La Veccie Mura. It was a little off the beaten path and I'm so glad we found it. The food was so good. Brad had this rare steak that was covered in a balsamic gravy. It was delicious. And the gnocchi was to die for. The kids even ate pasta wth wild boar. The typical Tuscan meat I am told.

After we strolled around the piazza some more. We got the best gelato in the world! There was a female group singing a capella. J danced and swayed. I love her head bop.

There are so many cute stores here. I could spend days and days exploring. There are a lot of little streets and alleys. It reminds me of Venice (without the water). I will have to come back here.

Good night from Tuscany!

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