Day 2: The Wedding!

G and O tied the knot today in a glorious outdoor wedding by the ocean. They took the biggest chance in Newfoundland and it paid off. It was just gorgeous!

Our friendship history goes way back. Almost 20 years for the four of us and longer individually. O and I have been friends since our university days.

G and B have been friends since grade school. By fate G and O met each other on Canada Day many, many moons ago. They had met at a work orientation and then ran into each other again celebrating Canada’s birthday. It seems like it was love at first site as they stayed up to go watch the sunrise at Signal Hill. What could be more romantic?!

Of course they had to get wedding pictures there to commemorate the event.

Later, as good friends do, they bring their other friends into their love story. B and I started spending time together and at first really disliked each other. Then he grew on me and I couldn’t stop thinking about his joy for life. We got together and the rest is history. We got married and G and O were our best men.

This brings us back to the present where these wonderful people that played such an important role in our lives, are now going to proclaim their love for each other in front of their families. They wanted to stick as close as possible to their 20th anniversary date and have it close to the ocean that was so special to their upbringings.

The day couldn’t have been any better. A gorgeous ceremony by the ocean.

The weather helped out with sun and not too much wind. To top it off, just at the moment they said “I do”, the boats in the harbour serendipitously blew their horns to celebrate the event. It was perfect! The creeping fog came in to make the pictures that much more dramatic as well.

We brought our little ones as well and they had a blast. They love their uncles and everything to do with the ocean and rocks of course.

For dinner we went to Mallard Cottage. It was beautiful.

The ambiance was fantastic as was the cake topper (two grooms and their two distinct cats. I know Max and Maddie were sad to have missed the event).

Head chef Todd Perrin really outdid himself with the meal. Mussels and lobster thermidor, pastrami halibut and fresh cod. So much wonderful local seafood. I recommend anyone traveling to Newfoundland really stop by there or stay at the Mallard Cottage Inn. The breakfast is to die for as well.

After dinner we partied a little more with the grooms families and then off to our old stomping grounds to dance until they kicked us out. Donna Summers for the nostalgia and Nicki Minaj for the present. We are not too old to do both (I think).

We are very happy for our friends and wish them the best for their life together as a family. I think the poem they asked me to read is a good reminder for all the couples out there, and was very appropriate having the wedding on our beautiful isolated little island of Newfoundland.

Next up: Canada Day Party

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  1. Thank You Tracy for sharing… Your words are Beautiful.. Granville n Owen are so Handsome ๐Ÿ˜€The wedding was perfect .. Granville n Owen looked like they walked out of a Magazine ๐Ÿ˜€.. I feel like the luckiest Mom.. to have such good Sons… So proud of all of them..n Brad my other Son! Seen a pic of Nan Marg…She’s such a lovely person… she haven’t changed a bit! Hi to Everybody for me, Enjoy your Trip.. Love Kathy, XO


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