Day 4: Capri Bound!

We started the day with all of our family coming to Hed’s for breakfast. Mom and dad made us toutons. Oh what a treat! I don’t get this near enough (and that is probably a good thing).

We had a long but exciting trip to Capri. Starting with a lovely checkin and lounge visit to the new YYT lounge, we had a toast to a journey. G & O and us were all on the same flight to YYZ which was a breeze. Then a quick turnover there which was aided greatly by their signature car service. First and last time for that I’m sure unless we keep traveling with super elite passengers!

We luckily had a great sleep on the flight to MUN. I love the Dreamliner! And Air Canada did a great job with our connections and flight iterinary. I should give them a shout out. I found an incredible deal online but couldn’t get it to process for some reason. I called the customer service line expecting a huge wait and no answers, but luckily had the opposite response. They answered quickly and when the agent couldn’t get the flight to process either, he took all the time required to book every segment separately for two people to get us the great rate and AQM miles! Truly went above and beyond for us. Thank you AC!

The last leg was fairly tiring though. After a 3 hour wait for the MUN to NAP flight, we had a harrowing taxi ride to the Naples Port and then wait another 1.5 hours to get the ferry to Capri. All totally worth it when you arrive in Capri but it is really hard to get from one isolated island to another! And we might need to burn the clothes we wore. 24 hours in planes, cars and ferries were not kind to our outfits.

But this view…. who could complain about this with a glass of Prosecco in hand.

We made it to our lovely hotel. The Hotel Syrene is 5 min from the main piazza but far enough away to be quiet. There is a nice pool with lots of lounging. But no beach access. That’s for tomorrow.

The view from our room is spectacular. However we spend so little time in our room, it’s probably not worth the extra cost for anyone interested in going.

We got a recommendation from the hotel for a restaurant close by Villa Margherita. They had excellent rosé wine and caprese salad. My favorites. I tried a new pasta as well. Paccheri. It was made with lemon infused oil, lobster, and smoked eggplant. Delish! B had scallops that were delightful as well.

We finished the night people watching and sunset watching in the square.

We each had a flavor of Aperol Spritz to celebrate Capri and the newly weds.

Up next: Capri Walks

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