Days 1-3: Newfoundland bound!

This is the first leg of our three country tour. Newfoundland, Italy and Croatia. I think we can still humorously call Newfoundland a country 😊. It is 7000km away with its own food, culture and dialects. And an adventure to get to.

Why are we going on such a long journey you ask? Our best friends are getting married! We are heading to their wedding in St. John’s at long last. This is their twentieth anniversary, so time like the present to get married I’d say.

Now B and I aren’t ones to speak out of turn or anything (cough cough for those who do know us), but when we heard G and O were going back to Capri, we just couldn’t resist. We had all travelled together and spent just an afternoon there a few years ago.

We knew we travelled well together so… We invited ourselves on their honeymoon. And my sister insisted we leave the kids with her in Newfoundland, of course. Win win! Thanks Hed!

But before we head across the pond we had to get to NL and have a few adventures.

School finished for the girls at 3pm Thursday. They had a great year and loved their teachers!

They had a lovely pool party courtesy of Kathleen (thank you!) while we finished work and packing.

Then we did the red eye flight and the girls were champs. Asleep before we even took off. Who needs business class anyways πŸ™„.

We got a very warm welcome from the family at the airport and then once the girls saw their cousins, they were lost to us. Who wants to hang out with your parents when they can hang out with cousins they only see once or twice a year?

We went to B’s brother’s house (Thanks Brenda and Suzanne for organizing) and had lots of mussels and pea soup and treats (thanks Nanny). It was so delicious. And it was a hot day relaxing in the back yard. Who could ask for more?

Two more events before we head over to Europe. This first one is not to be missed!

Next up: The Wedding!

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