Day 7: Croatia bound

Today we woke at the break of dawn to catch our 6:50am ferry to Naples. It seemed so early when the alarm went off but the views we got of sunrise in the harbour were well worth it!

We slept most of the ferry ride and then had the normally harrowing and death defying cab ride to the airport. A quick jaunt on EasyJet to Split and then picked up by a host in Split.

He took us to the best room for the night we have been to yet. It was more like an Air B&B then a hotel.

He did an excellent introduction to not only the room but the city too. He even helped us with night life for the city.

If you ever get a chance to visit Split, check out the room Riva at the Belvedere Luxury Rooms.

Perfect location and amenities (even had two beers chilling for us on arrival). The only hard part was walking up the three floors of stairs. Luckily our host Marin, took our big luggage with him. The view from the room was also amazing. It was picture perfect postcard view.

I highly recommend staying here. I do not get any kickbacks, but the whole experience was excellent.

We got cleaned up and then went for lunch at Fabrique. It was a tavern close to our place that had great beer selection. They were not allowed to serve gin however until 1800. Boo. The food was spectacular. I had “Every girl’s dream”. See if you can guess why… it was truly delicious!

Meat kebab stuffed with mozzarella cheese, bbq flatbread and truffle sauce

After lunch we walked around the town and had a picture with the Split sign.

We found the inspiration for the game of thrones opening credits.

We found the oldest pharmacy in Croatia. They kept the original cabinetry and some of the oldest compounds. Brought me back to my compounding competition days.

Then we went for the best dinner for O’s birthday. The place is called Konoba Nikola. It is about 20min outside the city right on a fishing port so the catch is totally fresh. They actually brought out all their différent selections of seafood to show us and pick our meal.

We said we would like a bit of everything and they took the tray away and made us a fabulous 5 course meal.

It started with a tuna and scampi carpaccio with oyster salad. So delish.

Then a seared scallop with olive oil.

Then lobster and pasta. They even put a stylish bib on us before they delivered it. It was so messy but so worth it.

Then the grouper fish (sorry Mr. Grouper from Bubble Guppies). They say they only catch this once a month. They prepared it in whole fish method and was so delicate. Meaty texture but light taste. It was the first time I had it.

For dessert we were stuffed, but since we had to sing Happy Birthday to O, we got a chocolate cake with nuts and berries to shares with espressos all around.

After dinner we went for drinks at the Roof 68 Bar. We got a private table and had a few Prosecco and rosé wines.

Then off to bed for the first sleep-in of the trip.

Up next: Croatian Cruise Day 1!

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