Day 10/3: Vis

Today we woke up early to get ready to visit the Blue Cave. It’s a race of the small ships to get to the small island of Biševo. We got there third in line which was really good. Only an hour to wait for the small zodiac boats to actually go in the cave.

The Lighthouse on the way out of Hvar
Our boat in it’s full glory from the shore

The path to the top of the island walkway

It was a hot day again and we walked around the point before retiring to the shade with our beers and fantas.

Finally it was our turn to board our vessel.

A short ride to the cave and then our guide said “OK. Now’s the time to duck! There is no room outside the boat to get in the cave.” And there truly wasn’t as you can see below. Going in seemed much scarier and darker then coming out. I guess we learned something en route.

Inside was truly beautiful though. The azure lighting and shadows were spectacular. The blue light comes from the sun reflecting off the white sand at the bottom of the cave and reflecting the sky inside the cave. You can test this by putting your hand in the water and seeing the light.

The rocks are only connected by one spot. This one one is completely floating

They told us the story of the baron who was diving and found a small opening into the cave. Once he had explored they actually blew a hole in the rocks to make a bigger opening for boats to explore.

The original cave

We got back out safely and then the small boat brought us right back to our boat for a swim. Win win!

The sailors ensuring our safe return

There was a competition between the boys while we were swimming. There is a certain stallion-like unicorn that did not want to be mounted. That made the boys want it even more. They all eventually did ride the unicorn for at least a few minutes before she threw them off. Cruise goals!

See B’s ride in it’s full glory!

We had a yummy lunch again. B made a few international work contacts and then we were ready to lounge. We decided not to go on the Jeep safari adventure and take it easy by exploring the town and going to the beach.

The lighthouse on the way into Vis
Yacht week!

We had to boat hop again to get into shore. This is becoming fun seeing all the same boats and making other friends.

Vis harbour
The abbey

We walked past a beautiful Franciscan abbey and St Stephens church. Behind the cemetery there is a swimming area that stretches all the way to the beach. We found some sun chairs and had a nice swim. The beach here is pretty but you have to watch out for sea urchins. A throwback to our Newfoundland days. They are pretty but you don’t want to walk on them! Luckily no injuries today.

We made reservations for dinner at Konoba Lola. A cosy side street restaurant that is outside in a garden surrounded by gorgeous purple, pink and white flowers, lavender and string lights. Such great ambiance. It had Spanish influence on the Dalmatian cuisine and it was a great pairing.

We had a combination of the 4 and 6 course menus. They were very accommodating to our pescatarian, dairy and gluten-free friends. They even made up a very artistic dessert!

After dinner we walked around the port. So many tall ships with lots of twinkling lights. We saw lightening far off in the horizon which was pretty to watch. We had no rain though which would have been nice to cool off the warm night air and make way for bright skies tomorrow.

B and I went to bed but G and O had a few late night adventures that cannot be documented here but friends feel free to ask me privately! Quite a night I hear.

Up next: Korčula

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  1. O M G …. Tracy ….It looks amazing, I’m looking @ these pics with Carter! He said O Nan.. that’s so COOL! He says Hi to Uncle G n Uncle O… Keep Enjoying !!! 😎… BeSafe… XOXO kathyvaters@gmail


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