Day 12/5: Mljet

Today we woke up to a storm brewing. We sailed to Pomena, Mljet without a swim break and much earlier than normal to avoid the storm. The first day of full cloud and wind. I quickly ate breakfast from the ship morning buffet. The boys needed a little extra siesta today. Heavens know why 😉.

The New Jersey family adopted me for the morning thankfully and we ventured off early to explore the Mljet national park before the thunderstorm came.

The park was a gorgeous system of historically freshwater lakes that had a Benedictine monastery on an island in the centre. It is thought there is a dignitary buried here with a lock of Tito’s hair. You need to get a little ferry to visit over there.

Agave flowers
Oleander flowers

The islet of Saint Mary

The people who lived on the little island drilled too far apparently in their search for well water. It broke into the sea and now the two bigger lakes are salt water lakes!

The water is so blue and inviting and can get up to 30•C.

We walked around the two biggest lakes. There was a little bridge to connect the two to make it the full way around. All together it was over 10km and 16000 steps. Definitely a nice workout for the day.

We had a little trickle of rain during the walk but avoided getting soaked. We made it back to the boat and watched the clouds really roll in.

Finally the downpour happened and it was quite the storm. Thunder and lightening quite close to us.

The boys had lunch and then rented bikes to head around the park now that they had refilled their bellies and sleep tanks. I was worried but they were safe. They had taken safe haven below some bushes and also found the little fishing village of Soline in the park. They had seen so many cats!

We all reunited for late afternoon after the storm had cleared. It gave me a chance to catch up on reading and emails and photo editing.

We met up with a lovely Australian couple, N and A for dinner at Konoba Herc. A quaint and cosy restaurant at the end of the town and pier. If you walked any further, you would be in the Adriatic!

It was a gorgeous night. The sunset was fantastic.

Our lovely group for the evening is below. We had a great chat about traveling, cattle gender, marriage counseling and raising teenagers. Varied and fun.

We started with the prettiest drinks. I had a pink gin drink, the boys had aperol spritz and rosemary gin and tonics. The cucumber was swirled. I need to adopt this skill.


We had pre-ordered our salt baked sea bass for six people (2 people to a fish) and supplemented with an anchovies, cheese and tapenade platter. The main came with chard mashed potatoes in little columns. Very delicious and filling.

Into the wood oven
Cracking the salt crust
Releasing the newly baked fish
Olive and tapenade platter

Check out the video of the fish being uncovered from the salt crust.

We waited for a bit and watched the full sunset. Then had real cappuccinos and orange chocolate cake and ice cream.

Up next: Slano


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  1. Hi to Everyone… Beautiful pics as usual Tracy! The Lakes n Flowers… Are so pretty. The Cat in the tree is so cute😀.. The sunsets are breathtaking… Looked like fun on the bikes..n the scenery is Beautiful!! Keep Enjoying!! BeSafe… Love Kathy.. XOXO…. Thanks for Sharing 😎


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