Day 16: Dubrovnik Beach Day

Today we woke up refreshed from our lovely stay at the Bellevue. The bed is heavenly. And we got to sleep in! The free breakfast goes until 10:30 so we slept until 10am!

The buffet had an excellent jam and honey bar. I love how Europeans do breakfast.

In addition to the cold buffet we could order anything we wanted hot. I got fried cheese and eggs Benedict. I have been missing poached eggs. I had no idea what fried cheese would be but it was more like corn dogs and less like my nan’s. We also got cappuccinos and mimosas. The world is a happy place today.

After breakfast we went to the beach club. We got four seats in the front row to watch the tanners and the water polo practices. The water was so inviting. We enjoyed some swimming and drinking and relaxing in the sun knowing there was nowhere we needed to be today at all. A nice way to end the trip. No stress.

We enjoyed B’s Croatia Cruising play list the entire trip but especially today. I love that he brings his Bose micro-sound link everywhere. It’s so useful. It’s waterproof and has a great case that it can stand up or hang up and you can even spill a drink on it and it still works 🤫.

Checkout B’s playlist on Spotify. He is always up on all the new music. His Top 40 list and new releases are also playlists I would checkout. He even made me my own 90s hip-hop/R&B list!

We lost the sun late afternoon. Our hotel is in a cove which is lovely until the sun gets behind the hills. Then it gets darker and chillier. We left and headed to our room to get ready for dinner and start packing for our long journey tomorrow.

The hotel has a lovely bar and a great take-a-book leave-a-book section. We got two new ones for the flight tomorrow.

We headed to the old city for pizza. It was a lovely night so we walked along the route overlooking the sea. G got a line on a place that does gluten free crust. The only place in the city apparently. It smelled fantastic. But of course a bit of a line before we got a table.

We explored a bit while we waited. The sun was giving some glorious lighting to the old buildings.

The final of the men’s Wimbledon match was in overtime and I think half the city was watching it through the cafe windows and cheering for the Serbian player. (Djockovic eventually took home the trophy in the 12-all tie break).

We got our seats and had an excellent huge pizza each. I was so hungry I forgot to take a picture until I got half way through. So much cheese and they didn’t skimp on the mushrooms either.

After dinner we walked the main plaza and streets again. We got a few souvenirs and people watched. There are so many more people here today than last night (less torrential rain too;).

We mailed the last of our postcards. Hope they get to you soon kids!

A few night shots to end the trip.

The midnight view from our room

We ubered back to the hotel to get ready for our 4am wake up call and start to our travel day. We said good bye to G and O and hopefully will see them again soon in Vancouver. Hopefully they will invite us again on their next anniversary. Or maybe we will invite them on ours 🥰.

Up next: Bon voyage Croatia!


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