Day 17: Bon voyage Croatia!

Well it’s been a H-E double hockey sticks of a vacation. Thanks to G and O for helping plan an amazing adventure. Croatia has been a country I have wanted to visit for a long time. I know we will come back!

I think a cruise was an excellent way to get a flavor of the country and to decide what jives best with your attitude of the moment and what kind of vacation you are next time most looking forward to. Is is the bustle of a tourist city? Is it a quiet seaside town? Is it in between? Are you looking for nightlife or do you want a quiet place for your kids to sleep. I think I have a better idea of that for Croatia now.

Blue cave Vis
Old city Dubrovnik

Sunset Mjlet
Nightlife on the boat

There are a few places we missed entirely-Zagreb, the Krka and Plitvice national parks and waterfalls, the singing steps or sea organ in Zander. We had to leave something to make sure we return. Maybe with the kids next time…

Zagreb photo crédit:
Krka national park photo credit:
Plitvice lakes Photo credit :

In any case, we have to leave. B and I caught our first leg together leaving DBV at 5 am. It was a glorious sunrise and a nice ride to the airport.

We had a great cappuccino and looked at the new art installations. The airport looks newly done as well.

Our flight was uneventful and we arrived in FRA easily.

This is where it gets slightly wrinkly. B had a four hour layover and I had an EIGHT hour layover. We wanted to spend as much time together as we could though so we stayed in the main airport. If we had to leave for sightseeing or even the lounge, then we would have to go through customs and security again. Not worth it for 4 hours for sure. The lines are huge and we would have spent the time being annoyed.

Anyways, the time flew by. B and I had some great food and conversation. Then a bit of shopping and low and behold it was time for him to board. He is going all the way to YVR this leg. This was uneventful and I found the leisure zone to relax in as everyone had just boarded.

After reading a bit more of my beach read (I will finish it before I get home!), I walked around the airport again and found the spa area. It’s called Be Relax.

This was a God send. Omg. I got a 30min massage that I think was the best massage I may have ever gotten. The massage therapist used her whole body weight to get into every muscular book and cranny. Then she cracked every single joint in my back area I’m sure. I felt inches taller! It was just the best after a long trip and lots of lugging luggage around. I still had a bit of time so she convinced me to get some nail polish too. Overall a great way to spend an hour at the airport. It even had a massage chair to lay down for 10min after the sitting massage. Glorious.

After that it was time to board my next leg of the flight. FRA to YYZ. The 8 hour flight seemed to fly by (if you will☺️). I watched 3 movies without interruptions and ate a meal and a snack. This flying internationally alone gig is not half bad.

Colliding jets and cloud shelf

I got to YYZ and it was fully under construction so I got a chance to walk around like I hadn’t been at the airport about a million times. It’s fun to explore a new airport. I did go to the lounge this time since it was easy to get to and caught up on more reading and emails. Then only 2 hours later I was ready to board my last flight. YYZ to YYT. A short and easy flight and I was home! Only a dad would be at the airport to pick you up at 3am even after my insistence that I could get a cab home. Thanks Dad!

28 hours later (T) and 14 hours (B) we were home (different provinces for a week, but both back in Canada). We are very happy for our adventures but also happy to see the smiling faces of our families.

Up next: Newfoundland adventures


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  1. Next time you dmgo, take a short drive and cross the border to Montenagro. Just beautiful there too. We didn’t make it up north either but would love to go there….next


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