Day 3: Canada Day 🎈

Well this was really Canada Day Eve as we fly on actual Canada Day. And we clearly didn’t get the memo that people were wearing red. Oh well.

We started the day with a housewarming toast for E & B. They just got the keys to their brand new gorgeous home. Or as B calls it “their imposing two-story”. Well it lived up to the hype and more. They had their neighbours over and I found out one of them is the brother and sister-in-law of a friend from school. Small world!

After a few drinks, we went to George Street as no trip home is complete without it. There was a special Canada day concert by the Arkells. Super fun and soooo many people there. I think all of St. John’s may have come out for it.

The Martini Bar was next on our list even though we hadn’t come home until almost 5am the night before! Weddings are fun! I can’t wait for more of my friends to get married or re-married (Hint Hint. You know who you are!)

There was a cover band that did a great job for getting people dancing. We did a group selfie that actually worked. Go H!

Then B and I got to sleep in the new house on home ownership Day 1. What a treat! We were in bed by 2am though this time. Early morning tomorrow to pack and fly.

We can’t wait!

Up next: Capri bound

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